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Minutes from Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Civic Association Meeting, April 28, 2022

Board Present

Tom Amatucci | Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy | Polly Moffatt | Aida Havel

Committee Chairs Present

Chandra Rutledge    



Alyson Flynn | Bryan Leavell | Jason Walsh


Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM. No quorum, no voting – general discussion.

Notes from March meeting were approved /discussed.


Financial report emailed to members by Mark were reviewed. Bills are being received from the bridge run; should net about $15,000.  Membership fees are being received.  Tom shared the report provided by Mark with the group.


Wayne provided information on current membership; approximately 285-290 members. Tri-villages have about 99 children under age of 18.


Tom reported only 3 people showed up at the Community Building to pick up supplies for the Adopt-A-Highway event. Need better communication on Association events; need to be active on more social media sites.


Polly reported that the Little Libraries have been stocked with more children’s books provided by Mary Helen.   All the libraries are amply stocked. It was noted that many of the posts on the libraries are leaning and need to straightened up. Some discussion on putting benches at each Little Library site. Still looking for central storage location for donated books.


Tom reported that there are more spaces available on the villages map. Approx 20 supporters versus 28 last year. All contact info from the original Business list is on line as Shannon reposted in Google Docs. Cutoff date has been extended to May 14--- May 24th now.


Chandra asked for help with the label for the fundraising jars. Aida volunteered John. Current jar at the Blue Whale accepts donations for the Scholarship fund.  Will be putting out a few more at various retail sites in the villages. Those donations will be not be earmarked specifically for the Scholarship fund.


Tom reported that Christmas banners need to be repaired. Jason volunteered to meet with a kite business to see if they can be repaired/estimate for a fair $.


Larry Grubbs volunteered to be Flag manager.


Tom suggested a working meeting to prepare Mission & Vision Statement.  

Part of this activity will be rating job performance of leader. Aida will prepare a performance review form to be used.


Tom reported that there need to be changes to our by-laws. Board is currently composed of 12 members—4 officers and 8 directors, suggested to have odd number to prevent a tie when voting.


Vote to be made regarding the flagpole Christmas tree at next meeting. 



IFP  $48.00 year gives RWSCA advert Space & Shore Break 5K…  $250.00 HIYF



New Business:

June Nomination Committee needs to be formed at MAY meeting


Directors for Board needed 5 (or 6?)


Committees June 1,2022 thru May 2023: Tom gave out a list of 7 current committees and 6 new committees. All Members should pick 2 committees to serve on next year.

Committees should meet/convene outside monthly meeting and present if necessary and bring to vote as needed.


Website, Jason pointed out that currently our website has a picture of the Community building. That may be adding to the confusion about differences between Community Building role and role of the Civic Association.


Some goals for next year: 

  • Budget for all events

  • Committees presented to all, all members pick 1 or 2 to serve on in forthcoming year.

  • Mary Helen to put plan together to get pathway maintenance paid for by Community Building Board. Taxes that are generated in the tri-villages go to the Community Building Board, not the Civic Association.

  • Maintain current events/ programs and grow.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM


Next meeting: May 19, 2022 at 6:30PM

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