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Minutes August 25th 2022


Board Members Present: 

Tom Amatucci          Shannon Killham

Aida Havel                Gene Stoel

Mark Strausbaugh    Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy


Board Members Absent:

Chandra Rutledge (excused)

Jason Walsh (excused)

Sabrina Hatfield (excused)

Bryan Leavell (not excused)


Committee Chairs Present:

Amberly Dyer



Lynne Edwards NPS Bodie Island District Ranger


Meeting Called to order. Need to approve July minutes. Gene motion to approve, Aida seconded, all approved.


Lynne: Updated with information on new park Deputy Superintendent Robin Snyder. Visitation actually down 9.6% from July 2021 but still consistent with July 2020. If you want NPS text alerts text NPSOBX to 333111 for general alerts. For ORV and ramp alerts text CAHAORV to 333111. Working on establishing an official no wake zone at Oregon Inlet fishing center. Bodie Island Lighthouse had a tactile map installed. Kayak with a Ranger and Soundside explorer events have been super successful this year. Bodie Island climbing happening until early October. Sat October 1st there will be an event celebrating 150 anniversary of lighting the lighthouse. Aida inquired as to when the sand rake will be implemented. It is here and they are waiting on getting the training by the company early September and then it should be put to work. 


Treasurer: Mark: see attached report for financial breakdown. I Bond process is still ongoing. He needed to open an account and submit paperwork to be approved before we can make the purchase. Commended Wayne on membership efforts, we have increased to almost in line with last year. Note that we receive a lot more donations in the mail with paper forms than over the website. Gene motion to approve, Aida seconded. Report accepted. 


Membership: Wayne: sent email with local resident information of who are members. ACTON:Encouraged board to go talk to their neighbors who are not on the list and invite them to join. 


Pathways: Mary Helen has no update on crosswalks. Will get a grass cutting in before labor day. Broken areas of pathway to be fixed by Bryan Dills in the Fall when the weather is better. 


Libraries: Tom to follow up with Larry to try to get them straightened out. Polly will be back after three weeks out of town to get them all stocked up again. 


Website:Mark: 40% mail dues come with added donation, 15% website dues come with added donation. Mail averages $53 and web averages $35. - See Shannons email with notes. Website is currently set up the simplest way possible. Can remove the pathways donation button to offer just the two options to make a bit cleaner. There is a monthly upgrade we can do that will allow us to add a payment to the form and offer a drop down of donation options. Still not exactly what we want but could draw in more donations that way. Mark made motion to try the $10/month upgrade to WIX Ascend, Aida seconded, motion passed unanimously. 


Fundraising:Jars: Chandra: will get them collected in the next couple days. Map: it is here and needs to be handed out. Events: need a meeting to decide what ones we want to move forward with. ACTION Shannon to send email to set a date.


Scholarship: Amberly: nothing new to report


Bylaws: Aida: She called the secretary of state office and we do not need to run bylaw changes by them. She will send her email with changes to us soon and apologizes for the delay. 


Mission/Vision: Tom would like volunteers to be on the committee. 


Service Projects: Amberly: Social services is happy that we are going to partner with them for the coat drive for the holidays. 


Large welcome to the village signs: Tom asked if we can move the Mirlo sign to nearer the roundabout since it doesn’t get seen now with the new bridge access. Mary Helen will talk to DOT. We would need a quote on how much it would cost to move. Mary Helen asked about planting native plants in the roundabout. 


Bridges: Gene put new lights up on the bridge to check out as a sample. 


Storage: Mary Helen would like some large bins to organize the storage area at the Salvo Fire Station. Chandra and Shannon will help her with this project.


Open Comments: Mary Helen in regards to the meeting with Dave Hallac, she talked to Bobby Outten and said we need to move past the complicated answer and start getting to the solution. The issue has been moved to the highest state levels and we should have a proper response in three weeks. Wants to get all the agencies involved. 


Gene made motion to adjourn, all approved. 


Next monthly meeting, September 29th, 6:30pm.

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