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Meeting Notes July 28th 2022


Board Members Present: 

Aida Havel                Chandra Rutledge 

Jason Walsh              Gene Stoel

Mark Strausbaugh    Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy

Shannon Killham    


Committee Chairs Present:   Wayne Codding, Amberly Dyer

Absent: Tom (excused), Larry, Bryan, Sabrina (no notice)


Community Guest: Steve Williams


Meeting Called to order. Need to approve May and June minutes. Correction to be made in May minutes. An audit was not requested it was a suggestion that the books are open to anyone who wants to see them. Mark motion to approve, Gene seconded, all approved. June minutes, Aida motion to approve, Mark seconded, all approved.


Treasurer: Mark: see attached report for financial breakdown. Opened First National Bank account for debit card (card in name of RWSCA but in Tom’s name, Mark has access. Will have to transfer when new board elected.) Membership dues down, therefore other donations also down. Collecting final map money. Bought flags for flagpole. Gene motion to accept report, Aida seconded, all approved.


Membership: Wayne: Amberly helping Wayne to pull the new mailing addresses for all the recent land transfers for a membership mailing, approx 300. Shannon sent newsletter to Wayne to include with mailing. Jason said perhaps our emails are not even making it to the intended recipients since we are using gmail to mass mail. 

ACTION: check with Tom on using constant contact vs gmail. Amberly will email re this issue.


Website: Shannon has fixed all the broken PayPal links that she could find, Mark will double check them and let her know if there are any issues. He will also reach out to the few people who submitted their membership forms but couldn’t make their payments. 


Adopt a highway: Mary Helen: It is going to run the last two weeks of September. We will host a kick off event on the first Saturday. Mary Helen will put together a chart of the different sections of the highway that people will be able to sign up for ahead of time and have the full 2 weeks to complete if they cannot make the clean up event. 


Facebook: Chandra: send her anything you want posted. Jason suggested having set items that we are posting frequently. Annual dues reminders, mtg reminders, little libraries need more kid books. 


Fundraising Jars: Chandra: $172.55 collected in July. Liberty jar is broken, recommend a different lock set up if we want to replace them. 


Map: out to the printers


Scholarship: Amberly: 5 have been issued and 2 more are still deciding on what to do. Aida asked about the label on the blue whale jar, Amberly is already on it working with John for a new one. 


Old Business: 

Bylaws: Aida: Tom, Mark and Aida had a meeting. There are 3-4 proposed changes that Aida will send to the board to review and then they need to be presented to our membership for approval. Issue #1 with how do we know who gets the vote in a membership? We used to have an individual and household membership. Issue #2 bylaws say the treasurer must maintain the membership records, asking to add membership committee chair. Issue #3 is can we change our fiscal year to a calendar year. Issue #4 when to propose annual budget, should it be in May before elections? ACTION: Aida to send her notes out in detail to open board discussion before our next monthly meeting where we can hopefully vote on them then. 


Mission/Vision: Toms idea to rework. ACTION: Jason requested that all parties bring 2 ideas/thoughts to the next meeting. (propose a team to review existing M&V)


New Business


Crosswalks: Mary Helen, Chandra, Jason (& Tom): Board members met to discuss our wants and needs to try to solve the issues of people not stoping for pedestrians in the marked crosswalks. See report from Mary Helen. Add request for state law signs on posts. Gene motion to approve amended letter, Mark seconded, all approved. Approved report will be sent to Bobby Outten for their meeting in light of the 2 incidents on Hatteras island this past month. 


Budget: Mark: See report. Happy with all the work that went on at the budget meeting to has out all the details. After the earlier discussion about membership mailings Mary Helen made a motion to increase the mailing budget to $700 which would balance out the budget. Shannon seconded and all approved. 


Series I Bonds: Mark: Refer to the email Mark sent explaining how they worked. Can only do $10000/year. Cannot touch in the first year and if you touch within 5 years you will mon get last 3 months of interest. Mary Helen made motion to buy US series I bonds, $5000 from general fund and $5000 from scholarship fund. Gene seconded and all approved. 


Service Projects: Amberly: Followed up from last meeting, and was in contact with social services and Fessenden Center staff. Proposed island wide coat drive but in a similar style to Angel Tree. New coats, approx 40 people on their radar but we can make suggestions if we know of others. Can offer a pickup location or delivery in tri-villages. Also mentioned doing a food pantry benefit. Shannon made motion that we move forward with investigating both community service projects, the food pantry and coat drive, and to discuss further at events meeting. Gene seconded, all approved. 


Gene made motion to adjourn, all approved. 


Next monthly meeting, Thursday Aug 25th, 6:30pm.

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