RWS Annual Meeting Notes 2022: June 30th 2022


Attendance: 27 guests


Tom gave an introduction and overview of the last years accomplishments. Last years minutes were approved.

Items discussed:

  • membership increase

  • map fundraiser- funds made and sponsorships

  • little libraries

  • pathways

  • halloween

  • tree lighting event

  • holiday banners

  • adopt a highway

  • bridge run- funds made and sponsorship thank you

  • new map- coming soon

  • bridge decoration- thanks to Gene


Scholarship: Amberly

This has been our largest year yet. We will need to look at upcoming numbers and make sure we keep this program funded. There are 6 students a year for the next 6 years. Past recipients are coming back as donors which is a wonderful thing to see. Thanks to Joanne for leading these past 24 years. Acknowledged this years recipients, we had 6 graduating seniors. 


Treasurer: Mark

Went over the numbers for this past year. Thanked Wayne on his membership drive efforts that increased our dues revenue greatly and also acknowledged the bridge run and how it has also increased our numbers this year but noted that we cannot rely on that in the forthcoming years. 


Membership: Wayne

  • did a snail mail to all property owners in the tri-villages

  • gathered lots of emails 

  • plans another snail mail out to all the new property owners

  • noted there are 99 kids in our community for upcoming scholarships

Little Libraries: Polly

  • need a central storage solution for holding books

  • need more kids books

  • proud that we have at least 2 libraries per village


Pathways: Mary Helen

Explained how the civic association is responsible for maintaining the pathway and outlined our standard mowing and edging timelines. This easily costs us $5000 per year. 


Mary Helen gave a speech to acknowledge Joanne Mason for 24 years of service to the civic association and presented her with a thank you gift.


Elections: Wayne

Four officers running: Tom for president, Jason for vice president, Mark for Treasurer and Shannon for Secretary. Directors running for positions Mary Helen, Chandra and Sabrina. We also have one open directors spot. Motion was made to close nominations which was approved and then a motion was made to accept the nominations which was also accepted and approved. 


Floor opened for questions comments. 


  • little libraries: how can we get more press for these and celebrate what a wonderful addition they are to our community?

  • it was asked where our money is working and mentioned endowment with the community foundation. Mark the treasurer responded that it is something the board has discussed and looked into. At that time the board was not comfortable risking the communities donations. Will be revisited. A bond investment was also suggested. 

  • asked who is responsible for picking up the debris piles left over from the houses that collapsed? responded that it is a park service issue but that the board is happy to get together with concerned individuals to get their issues across to the park service.

  • a request was made for a contact list of county numbers to call with issues. Responded that there is a booklet put out by the League of Women Voters with all such information. We will try to link that information on our website. 

  • Crosswalks were brought up by multiple individuals. All frustrated that they are not well enough marked and that more often than not no one stops for pedestrians in the marked crosswalk. What can be done? Responded that it is an issue the board is working on. We will need to get community assistance to make changes. 

  • issue brought up about the height of the basketball net being the community building, being that it is too high. The board explained the difference between the community building board and the civic association but has offered to bring this issue to their attention.

  • sidewalk maintenance was questioned, Mary Helen works diligently to make sure that construction contractors are following through on their responsibility to fix the pathway if damaged while construction is taking place. Should be fixed before they can get their certificate of occupancy. 


Motion was made to adjourn and was seconded. Everyone in favor.