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Notes from Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Civic Association Meeting, May 19, 2022

Board Present

Tom Amatucci | Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy | Polly Moffatt | Aida Havel

Mark Strausbaugh | Larry Grubbs | Bryan Leavell | Gene Stoel | Jason Walsh (audio)

Committee Chairs Present

Amberly Dyer | Shannon Killham

Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM. Quorum declared. Gene made motion that minutes from April meeting be approved.  Aida seconded.  April minutes approved.

Two director positions that expire 6/2023 exist. Nominating Committee not needed to replace vacancies of existing members, just for new openings. Gene made a motion to fill the two vacancies set to expire 6/23. Mark seconded. Motion passed. Board of eight, with four directors. Board President to break any tie votes.


Wayne will chair the Nominating Committee. Members must be in good standing, dues paid.


Aidia suggested that board needs a By-Laws Committee and that she is willing to chair. Aida put forth a motion to add a By-Laws Committee; Larry seconded. Motion passed.  Mark offered to assist committee.


Annual meeting to be held in June. Wayne is sending out announcements. Tom will put on marquee at the Community Building. Notice posted at PO. Will forego guest speakers at this meeting.  Will invite the 2022 scholarship recipients to meeting.


Finance Committee – Mark presented financial report (see attached). Mark will apply for sales tax refund. Discussion was had on auditing our books. Gene made motion supporting the audit, Aida seconded.


Amberly suggested sending out “thank you” letters to supporters. Mark will prepare a list. Wayne can provide addresses.  Mark reported that the membership form is on our website, but needs to be updated.


Mary Helen reported that 16 ½ bags of trash was picked up during the Adopt-A-Highway effort. Tom reported incident of a near accident between pedestrian and a vehicle along the pathway in Salvo. Larry will speak with resident regarding parking and blocking the pathway in front of their house.  


Website – Shannon is working on getting the website updated. Bryan will be assisting her. Will add tabs that show Civic Association activities. Will work on having a presence on Instagram and other social media.


Little Libraries – Polly reported that she is making sure they are adequately filled. Some of the library boxes are leaning.   Gene and Larry volunteered to get the boxes fixed. Mary Helen provided a number of childrens books for the libraries. The small library at the south end of Salvo, the one located at Fair Haven UMC and the first one located at the Community Building have been stocked. Follow up from Shannon regarding benches being placed at each library. Mary Helen provided contact for ordering the benches.


Scholarship – Amberly provided report  (see attachment).  Currently have two up for second year scholarship; six new graduates. Our scholarship of $600 is on par with other scholarships being offered. Will check with recipients for approval to have their photos on our FB page. We have a request from the high school for a $200 donation towards the Senior Awards celebration dinner. Aida made motion; Gene seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote.


Fundraising – Jason has confirmation from KHK regarding a spot on village map.

Old Business


Tom reported that work on Christmas banners is continuing. A vote was taken on requesting money back from vendor on flag pole Christmas tree that was ordered last year, but never received. Vote passed 6-1. Gene will check to see if we have a separate pole that can be used for lighting.  Shannon will continue to see what other options are available.


Halloween activity –During the past several years, Board has been making monetary donation to Fair Haven church for their Halloween festivities. Some interest expressed in bringing the Halloween activity back to the Community Building.  Discussion tabled for further discussion.


Social Committee – Mary Helen and Chandra will work on Christmas activity.


Mark requested that committees submit their budget requests for next year.


Tom and Aida may visit a monthly meeting of the Hatteras Civic Association.


Gene reported that the patriotic banners will be hung on the bridges next Thursday beginning at 9 AM.  Volunteers to meet at the Post Office.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM



Next meeting – Annual Meeting   6:30 PM  June 30, 2022

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