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October 2022 Minutes

Board Members Present: 

Tom Amatucci        Aida Havel

Amberly Dyer        Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy

Shannon Killham    Chandra Rutledge

Sabrina Hatfield        April Contestable


Board Members Excused Absence:

Chandra Rutledge    Gene Stoel

Mark Strausbaugh    Jason Walsh


Committee Chairs Present:

Wayne Codding


Guests: Chris and Pam Barham, David Reed


Aida motion to approve minutes from last meeting.  All approved. 


Tom: Barry Wells working on farmers market concept for try villages, will come before the board after he meets with the farmers advisory counsel.


Treasurer: Mark emailed the board his full report in absence. Requested a VOTE to formally authorize him to transfer funds between our bank accounts as he sees fit for the benefit of the association without having to seek board approval each time. Amberly made the motion, seconded by Sabrina. All approved.


Tom: We received an in memorial donation. Need to decide what is the best way to honor these donations. 


Map Followups: ACTION: April to look up a mailing address for Waves Market to send invoice to ($300 owed). New Radio station doesn’t feel they got their moneys worth ($300 owed). Wayne to follow up with Amanda at Adventureland.


Membership: Wayne: 210 members, 167 renewals, 43 new members. Last year we had 240 members.


Adopt A Highway: Mary Helen: 24 segments, 30 people participated plus the girl scouts. 35 bags of trash. Next time make more of a one day celebration event. 


Instagram: Shannon: an account has been created that is fully based in RWS contact info. Will share on website and Facebook once I get some posts up on it. 


Website: Shannon: payment updates have been launched and are working. Updates will come to the website once we get through Halloween. 


Scholarship: Amberly: Pie Sale already has 3 donors each buying a 6 pack of pies for us to bake and sell. Will have a donation jar and membership forms at the event. Target to sell 50 items. Will make a master volunteer sheet. 


Shannon: Suggested we create a google drive to share information between ourselves and limit paper usage. Will work on implementing it. 


Fundraising jars: Chandra has not picked up as of meeting time.


Tom: The vote to remove Bryan Levall from the board has gone into effect due to no contact since the last meeting. This leaves us with one open board position. 

Chandra has requested we vote on and discuss the flagpole christmas tree since it is back in stock. Mixed opinions from the board. Didn’t want to discuss when she was not present. 

Brief discussion about the flags for the flagpole. Do we think the building board will provide the flags or is there a better place we can order from?


Old Business

-community board will be providing wifi at the community building

-bylaws: discussion tabled until mark is back in town. A separate meeting will be held. 

-mission and vision will be revisited in January/February when we have less going on


New Business

-Mary Helen: spoke to Jeff Rider who went to the division to work with David Oats on an encroachment agreement for the grassy area in the roundabout. Plan to move the welcome side into the circle and landscape with natural grasses and plants. Mary Helen will send proposal to NC Dot, April offered help if needed. 

-Mary Helen: crosswalks, waiting to hear back from Bobby Outten

-RWS signs need a bit of landscape work and paint touched up. 

-RWS to host more community speaking events after the success of the Dave Hallac meeting. Mary Helen suggested Tourism Board and Outer Banks Visitor Bureau. Has submitted Nov 28, Dec 5, 6, 8 as possible options. Talk about occupancy taxes and visitors. Another possible group is the National Weather Service out of Moorehead City

Amberly: suggested Park Service Biologists to talk about invasive species ie coyotes and it was suggested to add the Wildlife Resource Commission. Emergency Management suggested for a hurricane preparedness event, along with CERT and social services. 

Aida: Proposed a speaker from the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce to talk about how it can benefit Hatteras Island businesses.

ACTION: Mary Helen will put a proposal together to present to the board. 


Halloween: Shannon: All on track for Saturday. We are thankful to Rooted Ministries for a donation of pumpkins for the party. They will also be setting up information on their reverse trick or treating initiative.


Christmas: ACTION Aida to double check that we have Sam on Sax booked for the event. We still need a Santa. John declined. Aida suggested the MC from Octoberfest, Shane Thomas, Tom to follow up. 


Amberly made motion to adjourn. All Approved. 

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