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Meeting Minutes September 29th 2022


Board Members Present: 

Tom Amatucci        Aida Havel                                Gene Stoel

Sabrina Hatfield     Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy    Amberly Dyer

Shannon Killham    Chandra Rutledge            


Committee Chairs Present: Wayne Codding


Absent: Jason Walsh (excused)

            Mark Strausbaugh (excused)

            Bryan Leavell (not excused)


Guests: Martin and Bonny Pugh Somers, April Contestable


Review of August minutes. Aida motion to approve, seconded by Gene, all in favor. 


Treasurer Report: Mark absent but sent in report via email for all board members to review. Chandra motion to approve report, Aida seconded, all in favor. 


Membership: Wayne reports up to 202 members. Has a list of all local residents who are members. Not a long list. 

ACTION: Wayne would like to know where credit card payments notes go on the web. Would also like to send out a November newsletter before Thanksgiving. Send any info you want included in by November 1st. 


Adopt a Highway: Mary Helen did not get it organized for September. Needs help to organize. Needs who did what sections previously. Hopefully sometime in October. 


Pathway: Steve is no longer going to continue with mowing the pathway. Mary Helen has contacted 5 people this far to get quotes and to see if they are interested. Mike D has offered to do one Fall edging and mow for $750. Gene made motion to approve that change, Shannon seconded, all in favor. Mary Helen is still waiting to hear back from DOT in regards to the crosswalk issues that we have brought to them. 


Facebook: Chandra, engagement is less on posts when we are requesting help. They don’t get shared or get the same reach as posts of fun events or noteworthy news. ACTION: Board voted to create an Instagram account, @RWSCivicAssociation Shannon to look into.


Donation Jars: Chandra still to collect


Website: Shannon update to membership page and payment process almost done. Just a little more testing to do. Need to decide on donation levels. Backend on the site stores lots on information from this form. Will move onto figuring out email newsletters from website next. 


Libraries: Aida found four bags of books at the community building during her book club meeting. They were given to Polly and distributed. 


Scholarships: Amberly, excited for fundraising opportunities, reminder that while 25k seems like a lot of money with six students graduating each year for the next few years it will not last forever without work. 



-fill spot on board left by Larry when he resigned that runs til June 2023. Aida motion to approve that Amberly Dyer takes that spot, Chandra seconded, all approved.

-Vote on Mark to move 30K to the online money market account with 2% interest. All approved. 

-Halloween: Vote on the inquiry from Bertie K for donation for church event as we have in the past. Board discussed and we will not be donating to that event as we will be putting on our own event again. ACTION: Tom to notify Bertie.

-Termination of director: Vote to terminate director position of Bryan Leavell due to no show or response for the last four months. Gene made motion, Chandra seconded. Vote passed. Going to give 30 more days and one last attempt to see if he is still interested, if no response by next meeting then termination is in effect. 

Roadside Signs: Mary Helen put in the request to move the welcome to Rodanthe sign to inside the roundabout where it will be visible. Waiting to hear back. 


Coat Drive: Amberly will notify group that we will need to postpone our participation til next time as we are unprepared to move forward right now. 


Pie Sale: See notes from Amberly. Looking to have at least 50 items for sale. 


Bylaws: Aida emailed board with proposed changes to the current bylaws. Two large ticket items to be discussed, fiscal year and what qualifies as a membership. ACTION: need to call a special meeting of the board to discuss when everyone invested in this can be there. 


Gene made motion to adjourn meeting, all in favor. 


Next Meeting October 27th 2022 6:30pm.

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