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Graduating high school senior who lives full-time in Rodanthe, Waves or Salvo. Parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student must be full-time permanent residents. 


Non-resident property owners and their dependents are not eligible for the scholarship. 


Do I need to attend Cape Hatteras Secondary School?
No. Applicants may attend home school, private school or other school (e.g., NC School of Science and Math), so long as their parent(s)/guardian(s) are year-round permanent residents of Rodanthe, Waves or Salvo.


How much is the scholarship?

Currently, each scholarship awarded is $600.


Is the scholarship renewable?

Yes. Students who receive a scholarship in their first year of eligibility may complete a renewal application for the second year.


How are funds distributed?

On the application, the student provides information on the educational program or institution, including address. Funds are sent directly to the school or program to be applied to the student account.


How do I apply?

Each spring applications are made available at the Cape Hatteras Secondary School guidance office. Information about applications is also published via the RWS Civic Association social media and other electronic means. Applicants may also contact the Scholarship Committee at for an application packet. 

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