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The Rodanthe-Waves-Salvo Civic Association offers scholarships each year to graduating high school seniors. Joanne Mason (Salvo) led the establishment of the scholarship and chaired the committee for twenty years. 


Scholarships are funded solely by donations or fundraiser events, and there are no administrative fees. 


Scholarship funds can be used for continued education and career development after high school – be it university, community college, trade school/program or even transition to military duty.  We recognize that skills and careers are developed in a variety of settings, and we are dedicated to supporting every student in our community. 


Funds are distributed directly to the educational institution.  


In the last six years (2017-22), the RWSCA provided twenty-two (22) scholarships to fourteen (14) students for a total of $13,200.  Each scholarship awarded is $600, and there is a two year window for applicants to receive support.


The eligibility period begins when the student first graduates high school and continues the following year. 

  • If a student does not pursue the scholarship the first year of eligibility, they may still apply for a scholarship in the second year.

  • If a student is awarded a scholarship the first year of eligibility, they are invited to complete a short renewal application for the second year of eligibility.


To be eligible, applicants must be full-time residents of Rodanthe, Waves or Salvo. Students may graduate from Cape Hatteras School or any other equivalent school, including home school. Students at other schools (e.g., Wanchese Christian Academy, NC School of Science and Math, etc.,) are eligible if they meet residency requirements.  A brief application and interview are required.  Applications are reviewed annually in the spring.


Questions about scholarships? Contact us at



If you are interested in serving on the scholarship committee, please reach out to a RWSCA Board member.







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